Collective Training

At Liberti our primary passion is not church planting, it is not training and it is not the advancement of Liberti Church. Our primary passion is Jesus and His glory. We express that through a love and commitment to the local church, the Bride and body of Christ, through the discipleship and training of God’s people and through church planting.

If we were to pick a piece of Scripture that underpins our commitment to seeing Jesus receive honour and glory through training, it would be 2 Timothy 2:1-2 where Paul says to Timothy, a young leader whom he had discipled, trained and sent out to lead churches and train others for ministry, “You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others as well.” Within these two verses we see four things that are oriented around the gospel that provide guidance on how we train church planters and de-velop teams that multiply churches:

1. Gospel Identity - In verse 1 we see Paul address Timothy as his child; Timothy wasn’t Paul’s biological son but was his son in the gospel. Timothy’s identity was in Christ Jesus because of the grace of God. Church planters will live, lead and serve from their identity in Christ through the grace of God.

2. Gospel Tenacity - Paul calls Timothy to be strengthened by the grace that he has received and has in Christ. Having a firm grip on the gospel and finding strength in the gospel will be the only thing that will give you a healthy gospel determination and perseverance as you plant and train others.

3. Gospel Fluency - Timothy had been taught first hand the gospel from the apos-tle Paul through life-on-life discipleship and it was this very truth and process of training that Paul was calling Timothy to pass on. Theological understanding, wisdom and instinct that are gospel-centred are essential in the pursuit of training and gospel-centred church multiplication.

4. Gospel Legacy - It wasn’t just a method of passing on knowledge or skills to others so that they could repeat the process, but Timothy is told to “entrust” the very treasure of the gospel and the ministry of it to “faithful men." Those who have an understanding and live in light of a gospel identity, those who have a clear grip on the truth and display genuine gospel tenacity, those who clearly know the gospel but have an instinct and wisdom that clearly applies, teaches and leads in light of this in the culture and those who want to disciple, train and see gospel centred churches planted for the glory of Jesus. Entrusting this ministry to faithful leaders like this is gospel legacy.

When we put all four things together we show the gospel transforms and strengthens. Liberti Church is passionate about training up faithful leaders to that end. 


Cornerstone Collective Training 

The Bible is clear on the importance of leadership, therefore, we collectively seek to encourage, train, strengthen and raise up leaders within every area of church life.

At Liberti Church Lark Lane we recongise the importance of leadership training and we partner with Cornerstone Collective to deliver more formal aspects of training. Cornerstone Collective seeks to be an incubator for healthy Biblical leadership development as we share experiences and resources across the churches. This is with the aim of equipping both men and women for the many leadership opportunities that are required for gospel ministry.

Our formal training which can be applied for both from within Liberti or outside Liberit falls into 2 categories (to find out more about them click on the appropriate link. 

- Church Plant Residency

- Internships