Our Story

Liberti Church, Lark Lane exists to be faithful to the great commission to make disciples of all nations, to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. At Liberti Church we are passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, across our region of Merseyside. We believe that the local church is one of the key ways in which this should happen.

The Story of Cornerstone Church

Liberti Church is a church plant from Cornerstone Church, a 'replant' of Ramilies Road Church near Penny Lane.

Ramilies Road Church was planted in the early 1930s, through the prayers of two faithful men who wanted to see a Gospel witness in and around the Penny Lane area of Liverpool. However after a number years there was a slow decline in the numbers of the church with many people leaving the church.

In November 2009 a team of 15 people led by Steve Robinson, from different churches partnered with the people at Ramilies Road Church and replanted. Since that time we have seen God graciously grow our congregation; many people have come to Christ and a number have come back to him. We have a number of gospel communities that meet in different communities around the area and the church gather together across two services each Sunday morning.

Cornerstone Church Wirral

In 2013, Cornerstone Church planted a new Church on the Wirral in Port Sunlight. This congregation, led by Josh Walsh, has grown again through new birth and gathers through the week across five Gospel Communities.

Liberti Church Lark Lane

In 2015 Cornerstone Church started a gospel community in the Lark Lane area of Liverpool.  Later that year, we began praying as a church specifically about planting into the Lark Lane area. Neil Forsythe, one of our elders moved into the area with his family and others who felt burdened for the area moved in if they didn't live there already. Over 2016, by Gods grace, the Gospel Community grew into core team for a church plant.

In September 2017 we had the exciting privilege of commissioning Neil, his wife Elisabeth and two children Ruthie and Micah along with 9 other adults and 4 other children to plant ‘Liberti Church Lark Lane’ with a vision to see that community transformed by the truth and power of the gospel.

In February 2018, we plan to publicly launch Liberti Church Lark Lane. Our core team are actively engaging with the community in many ways already and have committed themselves to serving and loving the people of Lark Lane with the good news of the gospel. Our vision is to see a church that grows through the salvation of those in our community, from all different backgrounds through the freedom that Christ offers through His gospel.