What to Expect

Every Sunday you’ll hear a message being taught from the bible. We explain what the bible says, what it means for us and how we might want to respond. One way we respond is by singing. Our musicians lead our singing from the front not as a performance but to help us focus our attention on God. There’s also a chance to respond through prayer and by sharing communion.

If you have children, they’re just as welcome as you are. They’ll usually stay with us at the start and end of our gathering. In-between, our children’s volunteers will spend time teaching the primary age kids from the bible or keeping the younger ones entertained with books and toys.

Every Sunday you’ll meet people from Liberti Church who are passionate about Jesus and have a genuine love and care for our city. These will be people from all walks of life. Employed, unemployed, students, dads, mums, grandparents, singles and married couples. Some have known Jesus for many years, some have only just met him and others are yet to meet him, but everyone is equally welcome. Some will dress smart, some will dress causal, come as you - you’ll be welcome too.